Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Matching Games for Learning

I love hands-on learning and I LOVE learning games even more.  They break up the monotony of "school".  My kids don't really feel like it's schoolwork and we all have a good time.  One of the sneakiest games for learning are matching games.  What I really love about it is that other siblings can join in.  Older ones can revisit the concept and younger ones get introduced to the concept without a formal lesson.  I have some of my favorites listed.  They have been really helpful to our family.  In the spirit of being frugal, I only download free or nearly free games.  It's expensive enough to print the game.  I also laminate the pieces for durability.  I have three kids to play with, they have to last.

Monster Number Words  
Fish Number Words Matching Game 
Contractions Spring Theme  I've never played this one but it looks fun.
Contractions for a Rainy Day
Time Matching Game Easter Theme
Frog Money Match up
Money Unit with Matching Game
Alphabet Matching  $1.00
Animals of the World  50 cents.  Can be used for more than a matching game
Animal matching game   75 cents.  Plus links to more animal matching games
Egg Matching Game
Alphabet Matching Game
Dinosaur Alphabet Matching Game
Spring Cookie Alphabet Matching Game
Addition Doubles Matching Game

I have only highlighted a few concepts here but you get the idea.  There are alot more you can look up: multiplication, division, color words, synonyms, antonyms and a whole lot more.  I know I only seemed to link every game to and but I couldn't seem to find any games elsewhere. I hope I've spawned some new ideas for you.

Happy Homeschooling!


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