Monday, September 10, 2012

The Ultimate List of Math Literature Book Lists

Instead of posting LONG lists of math book lists and cluttering up everyone's Facebook page (like I usually do), I'll just post them in a blog post. has some of the best book suggestions based on different concepts.  Definitely should check this site out first.

Amazon website but they have the categories well organized and you can click on a concept and see pictures of the books and can purchase them easily.

Living Math books for Multiplication by Heart of the Matter

Money themed Living Math Book List by Heart of the Matter

22 Addition Living Math Books also by HOTM

Living Math Book List by Concept.  Click on "Search Categories" for concept list.

Not a book list but an article about Literature based math lessons with examples and printables

Nice living math book compilation.  Pictures for each book which makes it so easy to search for them but no links included.

Top Ten Books for Teaching Fractions

Book List by Homeschool Math

Living Math and Mathematical Classics

A great list of living math books by topic--even with pictures.

Long list of books by concept.  It would've been nice if they would've included links for the books but it's still a site worth visiting.

Math Literature by grade level then concept

Living Math Book List on Squidoo by Jimmie.  I love the list, I just wish it weren't in ABC order but rather by concept.

List of books to teach place value and base ten concepts

Teacher's Books for Living Math Lessons and Teaching with Math Literature (NOT FREE).

Loving Living Math ebook.  Great resource for beginners and has a book list at the end of the book.

Not Free but this book is a great resource if you're starting out with living math and teaching with math literature.  It is definitely worth the price.

Another Scholastic Teacher book.  This one is recommended by Cindy West who wrote Loving Living Math. It's out of print but you can still buy it from Scholastic Teacher Express in ebook form.
Put it on the site wish list and check back when they're having their Dollar Days Sale again.

Teaching Early Math Standards.  Another great Teacher book from Scholastic.

Hands On Math 2-3
Hands-On Math for Grades 2-3 is probably the most used math book in my personal library.  It is well illustrated, has age appropriate activities and a great book list in the back along with reproducible pages for the activities..  It is my favorite living math resource so far.

Hands-On Math for Grades K-1st.  Not my favorite book but still has great ideas and activities. Also has a book list in the back of the book.

Family Math
Family Math.  A great resource once you get past the fact that the illustrations aren't pleasing to the eye and don't present the activity well.

Teaching with Math Literature ebook.  This is probably the only thing I've listed that I don't personally own.  It's a cheap download and it's strictly math literature book lists by concept.


There you have it!  A long list of Living Math book lists pulled from my Homeschool Math Pinterest Board and going through my personal library for other titles.  I love living math and using math literature to help my kids understand (and come to love) math is well worth it being teacher intensive.  Check out my previous post that I wrote about Beginning Living Math. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me and I'll help you in any way that I can.

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