Monday, September 19, 2011

Adventures in My Father's World Notebooking Pages

This year for History/Geography we are using Adventures in My Father's World.  Click here for details about this curriculum.  I love using living books to teach history (and everything else).  MFW centers on a Christian Worldview.  It's a popular curriculum and can be somewhat difficult to find a complete set used.  But I was able to buy a set from a homeschooling mom on the Well Trained Mind board.  She had everything...... except the Student Sheets.  That's an additional $19.95 through MFW.   When I got to the checkout on I was very displeased to see how much the shipping was going to be. Being a frugal mom that I am, I began searching for an alternative. It crossed my mind to put together my own pages. But when would I find the time? I have to homeschool 2 kids, take care of an infant, cook and clean house. I began searching for pages related to Early American history but they were for more advanced students (Adventures in MFW is written for 2nd-3rd graders). Luckily, I saw this product on a search engine and it was sold through my beloved Currclick.            

Opening the file I was amazed to find how well put together everything was. I appreciated the week-by-week bookmarks that I can just click and I'm at the pages that I need. The file has 368 pages, it's alot to wade through. I love that every single page has 2 versions; primary lined pages for students who are still writing in manuscript and regular notebook lines for those who are doing well with cursive. There are many different styles of pages included on about every topic. For Pocahontas there are pages with a picture of her with notebook pages. Pages that the child can draw a picture in relation to the topic and make notes and other great notebooking pages. Some topics even have coloring pages. I love that for my tag-along kindergartener.
If you follow along with the Bible part of the curriculum there are copywork pages included in the file written in italic. Although, it would've been great if there were samples of manuscript and cursive writing to make it true "copywork". There are no pages for the states studies but Currclick has other great cheap titles to choose from that can meet your needs.
Also included are pages for book reports on all the read alouds that are scheduled. A great addition and something I would've missed on my own. I love that this is written by another homeschool mom that has actually USED the Adventures in MFW and wrote it to use with her children. Overall, I think that this is a great value and an excellent alternative to the Student Notebook put out by MFW. I highly recommend it.

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