Friday, February 24, 2012

US Presidents Study

Notebooking Nook has a new product on about notebooking the Us Presidents.  With it being in election season, this is such a great time to learn more about our US Presidents past and present.  Here is my 5 star review for Presidents of the United States Notebooking Pages

Presidents of the United States of America Notebooking Pages
"This is one notebooking product that will be used over and over through the years. Learning about our presidents is an important part of our american history and being able to notebook about it is even better. This is a current and complete file of all the US Presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama. It's also massive with a total of 489 pages! Each page is "themed" meaning that it's heading is for a particular president. No generic pages here except for the Cabinet member form which is the last page in the download. There are 11 pages dedicated to each president with an assortment of regular and primary lines. Now your middle schooler, high schooler and your elementary student can notebook on the same topic. All pages are adorned with the Seal of the President of the United States and most have "doodle boxes" to illustrate important facts. There is even a fact page for each president to record date, death, marriage, children, years served, etc. Another thing I love is that this download comes with a Table of Contents. I know that's an odd thing to point out but it's so handy to be able to print the table of contents and put it in a file and know in a glance (without having to turn on the computer) what notebooking files you have on the computer.

Reasons for 5 star rating:
* Table of Contents
* Regular and Primary lines.
* 11 pages for each president including fact page
* Nicely laid out pages and images
* Good value for the money"
Right now it's only $1.00.  It's regular price is $4.99.  I love a  good deal. 

More great links to check out for US Presidents study

President Notebooking by Notebooking They usually do a good job but it's usually alot more expensive. 

FREEBIE: Notebooking Fairy  I can always count on the Notebooking Fairy to have great free pages.  These are generic pages.  Although that could come in handy.  You can print out a bunch and save it in a notebook.

FREEBIE: Activity Village  Famous person/US Presidents.  Not all presidents, just a few but it's free.

FREEBIE: Homeschool Share Lapbooking Oddles and Oddles of links for lapbook printables with pictures

FREEBIE: Unit Study by another homeschool mom.  Geared toward elementary students.

FREEBIE: Homeschool Helper Online  Lots of great pages and not just for presidents.

~~Happy Homeschooling

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Using Pintrest for homeschooling

Okay.  You have to know that if you make a blog post with Pintrest and homeschooling in the same title that you might be a Pintrest addict.  Guilty.  But so you know; I am not the only one who's blogged on the topic.  Simple Homeschool Blog made a great post. about the same topic but in a different flair.  They have it more like a beginner how-to. 

My personal Pintrest Boards are filled with homeschooling ideas and more.  Here are some great ideas for your Pintrest boards.
*Classroom Ideas. Decorating, organizing and dreaming for my new schoolroom later this year.
*Math ideas.  Since Pintrest is very visual the ideas will likely be more hands-on. I have had great success with the homemade math manipulatives from other pinners.
*History and Geography.  Maps, timeline ideas, period costumes, finger puppets.  I just love the ideas that flow from there
*Homeschooling Blogs.  I have been introduced to some of my favorite homeschooling blogs this way.
*Language Arts.  Printables, worksheets, Games, learning crafts, notebooking paper.  Language Arts is really a broad topic.
*Preschool and Kindergarten.  I have a whole board devoted to the little ones.  They involve so much more hands-on activities.  Especially for ones that don't preform well with traditional teaching methods.
*Holidays.  Oddly enough, I have a board for holidays.  You can get really detailed in holiday studies and there are ideas galore.  A paradise for craft lovers.  :)
*Science.  Some experiment ideas and homemade model ideas. 
*Gift ideas and other practical homemaking ideas.  Let's be honest, homemaking is a subject that must be addressed.  Our children need to know how to function outside the home on their own when they leave the nest.  Being able to make gifts, cook, decorate, sew, organize are valueable skills.  I have found very helpful ideas on Pintrest that has-- believe it or not-- made my life easier.

I've also found pins for lapbooking, notebooking, crafts, art projects, printables, file folder games.  I could go on and on.  It's a homeschooling mom's dream come true!

I take time about once a month and go over my boards for new and fresh ideas to add to my home or my homeschooling.  You may wish to adopt the same method or just when the need arises.  I love being able to access my already pinned ideas and viewing pins of others.  I have them nealy organized by category and can look them up instantly. 

Some of my successful and favorite pins:

LOVE this idea
On my "Homeschool Math" board.  I even made some for 3 digits and 6 digits.  My kiddos love them!

Using Duplos...this would make a nice task box
Also in my "Homeschool Math" board.  Great idea for kids who are very visual and hands-on.

Reading corner...Ikea 3.99 spice racks
From the "Homeschool Stuff" board.  Great for a reading area.
Ice Cream Compound Words
"Homeschool Langauage Arts" board.  A cute file folder game for compound words.

I've got a few more blog links if you want to learn more.
This one even has a long list of homeschooling pinners you can follow.

Happy Homeschool and Pinning!!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Day fun

Valentine's Day is upon us and I'm already looking for ways to incorporate the holiday of love into our school day.  I've found these great links to help out with that.

Free Notebooking Pages
Free Unit Study
Free Printable Valentine's cards
Free Daily Assignment Cards for February
1 Corinthians Chapter 13 Copywork $1.99
Another 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 Copywork also $1.99 --my favorite of the two.
Valentine's Day Party Kit.  Cute kit. Printable cards, party ideas and more.  Only 50 cents
Free Valentines Day Mathbooking Journal
Valentine's Day copywork projects  Very cute.  $2.00


Free Couples Notebooking Pages --although I don't agree that Pocahontas and John Smith was a couple.

List of Valentine unit studies, pages and more. From

Valentine Crafts

More craft ideas

Reading list from prescool to young adult

Pintrest favorites by homeschool blogger: 3 Boys and a Dog

That about round it up for this post but if I see any more freebies or cheap resources , I'll post it.