Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some Favorite Homeschool Links

Computer Games Links

Great game for phonics users.  Good for beginning to intermediate readers.

Computer games, printables and more for phonics and reading

Computer games are science, language arts, math and more.  Engaging and safe for kids.  However, you can’t use some of the games on the newer browsers.

Computer games, printables and more for phonics and reading

Not the greatest games but a good variety of games.

Great selection of games on various topics.  My kids' favorite site.

Keep in mind this is not a complete list.  I have other games based on subject but these are best for multi-subjects.

General Homeschool Links

Great info on unit studies including videos, links and other ideas to make unit studies more fun. Homeschool forms and other basic information.  Very cool site.

Great site for printables and other fun stuff for grades PreK-2nd

Great info and tips on the CM philosophy.  Lesson plans, copy work, charts.  This site my not be visually interesting but the site makes up for it in info.

Simply put.  This is the best handwriting sheet generator that I’ve EVER seen.  The cursive writing is beautiful.

Good site for lesson plans and activities for K-2nd grade.

Computer games, printables and more for phonics and reading

Great site for homeschoolers. A wealth of information about lesson plans, lapbooks, worksheets, record keeping and more.  A resource to keep in your favorites file.

Another site for home school parents.  Big on lapbooks on this site.  Template and ideas galore.

This site has great home school record forms for you to choose from.  Lapbook templates galore and other great stuff.

Free lesson plans for K-8th grade

Piano lessons for kids!!

Has worksheets for all subjects

Coloring pages and other fun

Absolute FAVORITE site for reviews on home school curriculum

Great homeschool forum board.  It's more for classical homeschoolers but most of the ladies are eclectic  (like me)

I have saved a TON of money buy buying used homesvhool stuff from other moms and this is one of my favorite sites.

Great site for homeschooling books in electronic format.  They are having a Back to Homeschool Sale.  Titles as much as 75% off!

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