Thursday, October 4, 2012

Math Dice Games


Games are great for the homeschool lifestyle.  Nothing solidifies learning a new concept or reviewing an old one like a game.  There are so many different kinds of games that can enhance learning but today I'm featuring Dice Games for Math. 

Math Dice Games are usually very inexpensive.  Most of the items that you need to make up a game are probably already in your home. 

Math with crazy mixed up dice- Practicing math facts with different dice can be fun.

Dice and Domino math games with Printable page by Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Introducing Math Concepts with Dice with fun ideas on using the different kinds of dice on the market.  Ideas are listed by concept.

It's getting dicey- a kindergarten teacher shares how she stores her dice and a neat way to keep the dice from rolling onto the floor when little ones are playing.

Free Dice Games for fact families and greater than/less than.

FREE Dice Games

Roll the Dice math game are addition and subtraction--not fact families.

Dice Math Practice for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Fractions

Math Fact Family Roll and Write

Count Down! Great practice for counting backwards and subtraction.

Roll the Dice Math Games on Squidoo.  Even has games for place value and geometry

40+ activities with dice --even dice printables

Also check out my Pinterest board: Math- Games and Manipulatives

Math Dice Jr.

Math games and dice to purchase

Big Tub of Math Dice

Math Operation Dice

Math Dice Games on Rainbow Resource

Count Down!  We love this game(s) in our house

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