Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Earth Science


Earth Science is the subject that I have the hardest time trying to teach. I can't classify rocks on my own.  I need a lot of help in this area.  It's the area of science I struggle with the most since I need to see, feel and touch science to understand it.  Some of these resources have been such a big help to me. 

My plans reflect a Christian perspective. Although some of the resources featured do not line up with my beliefs, I believe they make for some interesting discussion and using a Christian, young earth book along-side to show what God says and why he made it that way. 

Home Science Tools-- Earth Science Experiments.  This company feature Christian products for homeschoolers.

Geology and Earth Science Unit Studies-- for grades 3-8.  I have not personally looked through this in detail so I can't say for sure what to expect.

How Rocks are Formed Homepage -- Very cool.  Has animated models of how rocks are formed with visual learners in mind.

 Rocks and Minerals Station and Geology crafts by the Crafty Classroom.  I really like this set up for visual and hands-on kids.

4 2 Explore has earth science units by topic for homeschoolers
Coral Reef
Natural Disasters
Floods and Flooding

Geology Rocks--- Great book to use as a spine or supplement for earth science studies.  It's not free but you can get a copy very inexpensively right now. You can also check this out at your local library.

Let's Go Rock Collecting-- Great book for the younger set. Also not free.

We will Rock you---Rock Cycle Song Video.  Very cool.  Visual and auditory kids can easily catch on to the different rock types.

Backyard Rock Classification-- For the younger set.

Geology Unit Study by Cindy Downes.  This is for grades K-8th grade.  This free unit will last about 12 weeks according to her lesson plans.  It's all nicely laid out and labeled.  I like it when it's easy-to-use.

Kids Investigate Volcanoes on Squidoo

Earth Science/Rocks and Minerals Unit -- Great for K-6th grade.  This mom has listed a variety of resources and experiments. 

Earth Science Projects-- by the Homeschool Den.  Mostly crafty and hands-on for K-4th.

Old Earth Science Resources for grades K-5th grade

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