Friday, August 31, 2012

September Theme Days

I have really enjoyed the theme day posts on my facebook page. It has given me the opportunity to dive deeper into so many topics.  So far I have been doing theme days for 2 months now and have covered 30 topics so far and I already have the next 2 months planned out but before I get ahead of myself here is the September theme day list.


Week 1
Mon- Labor Day- no theme
Tue- ASL (American Sign Language)
Wed-  Bible
Thur- Botany

Week 2
Mon- Ultimate List of Math Literature
Tue- Timelines
Wed- Math Calendar Notebook
Thur- No post

Week 3                      Girl's Week
Mon- American Girl
Tue- Tea Parties and Manners
Wed- Sewing for kids
Thur- Read Alouds for Girls

 Week  4
Mon- Music Appreciation
Tue- Crafts
Wed- Poetry
Thur- No theme 

I hope you enjoy the up and coming posts!

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