Friday, August 17, 2012

June Thrifty Round-up

Welcome!  The following are posts from my Thrifty Homeschooling facebook page that I've posted in the month of June.  This was before I began theme days.  It's mostly random resources that I've found and wanted to share I can't recommend this enough. It's a site that they can practice spelling words of your choice for FREE. There are some premium games and features for subscribers ($30.00 a year for 5 children).
My kids love this and ask to play every day. :)
Have a PreK or Kindy child? Pattern blocks are so much fun and can be used for a large list of math fun. Free pattern block mats.
Don't have a set? You can print them out (on colored CARDSTOCK paper or get your little one to color the page) and laminate them for a make due set before committing to spend the money on a real set (they're expensive).

Free printable calendars. If you make your own homeschool planner or have a household binder this could really be a help to you..... and it's FREE
This mini book report page may be a great start for children beginning book reports or for reluctant writers. Free and printable.
Another early book report page. Would be great for a child who likes to doodle instead of write. Click on the picture and it will take you to a K5 teacher's blog and the page is halfway down her blog with a link to download the 4 book report pages.
Teaching Fractions? Here's a fraction match up game. It's made by a teacher who couldn't see paying big bucks for a similar game at the teacher store.... so she made her own. I love it!
High School Transcript Packet. I don't personally know how useful this will be. I don't have any children in high school but I thought there would be someone out there who would find this useful
New Blog Post: Blueprint for field trips with some practical advice on how to notebook about your field trip.
Free Field Trip Notebooking Pages. This link is also in the previous blog post.
Base Ten Blocks Game Center. Great for teaching place value, whole numbers and decimals.
Place Value cards.... Star Wars theme.
Place Value Concentration/Memory Game.
Literature Based Printables for PreK and Kindergarten
4th of July Printables

Spelling Test Primary lines. 12 words plus 2 dictated sentences. This one is my favorite out of all the free spelling templates on this site.

10 spelling words plus two bonus words on regular lines. You can do 2 tests on one page. Money savings. Of course you could use a regular notebook but sometimes you have to spice things up a bit.

Spelling Test for 20 words with regular lines. You could make this yourself on Microsoft Word but why would you want to when someone else is offering it for free?

Had to share this. A great article on how to "reset" your kids when you're having a bad homeschool day. Very handy to print out and have.

My next post which will be July's facebook freebie posts will have themes and will be much easier to navigate.  Until next time....
Happy Homeschooling!! 

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