Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New for Thrifty Homeschooling

Thrifty Homeschooling is now on FACEBOOK!  I have been planning to do this for months and now Thrifty Homeschooling has it's own Facebook page.  It is listed as a group that is open to all.... you just have to join.  I will be posting all kinds of free or cheap homeschooling resources and ideas.  You are also welcome to post on the page!  But don't limit yourself to homeschooling.  We are also homemakers.  If you see a link you would love to share that would benefit us as homemakers and homeschooling moms.... POST IT!  I'm looking forward to the great posts to come.  I will also keep up with this blog.  I am looking forward to making another blog post soon. 

Thrifty Homeschooling on FACEBOOK!!!
Join the fun!

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