Thursday, June 7, 2012

Curriculum Plan: 2012-2013

As we begin our 4th year of homeschooling, I've had to reflect on what has worked and what hasn't.  Most traditional methods work with  my oldest who is now 8 and going into the 3rd grade and it's the complete opposite with my middle child who will be 6 and going into the 1st grade.
Their learning styles are so completely different.
3rd grader: concrete sequential- Perfect Paula
1st grader: Abstract Random- Wiggle Willy

With the beauty of homeschooling I can tailor their lessons to their needs.

3rd grade:

Language Arts:  Learning Language Arts Through Literature- YELLOW but I'm also supplementing with Readers from Sonlight that I will borrow from the library. I am so very excited about this one.

Math: A Beka Arithmetic 3 We have used this since first grade with success.  Don't fix what isn't broken.

1st Grade:

Phonics: MCP Phonics Level B Workbook. I'm not using the Teacher's Manual. I'm just using the workbook.  We are also doing lots of picture book read-alouds and her reading list will be in this Blog Post.

Math: Horizons Math 1.  Using the Teacher's Manual and Student Book

For Both Children:

Bible:  Bible Study for All Ages- Unit 1  This is our first year with curriculum.  There are 4 units which last for four years (1 year each).  I'm still debating on whether I'll order the CD and student pages that are additional purchases.  I've already bought the Teacher's guide used through so I can preview it at my leisure.

Science: Exploring Creation with Astronomy.  We have the regular notebook (for 3rd grader) and junior notebook (for 1st grader) and using them pretty regularly.  We started this after Christmas so we will continue using this until our study is complete.  We may use Exploring Creation with Botany next. Which I already own.  It depends on how interested the children are at the time.

History/Geography: Expedition Earth by Confessions of a Homeschooler.  We are studying Countries and Cultures.  I decided to skip My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures since it's not geared toward 1st and 3rd grade learners.  This is more hands-on.  I do plan to use living books for each country that we study.

Spelling: Spelling Power. I'm using it mainly for my 3rd grader and sparingly for my 1st grader.  I will also use They have some wonderful free games.

And whenever we get bored or need a break from our usual studies I have

Five in a Row Vol 1 and 2 ready to go.  I honestly wish she would come out with a more updated version since some of these books are out-of-print and hard to find. 

That's the plan so far but it may change.  I'm so ready to get started.  We are year-round homeschoolers so I don't follow a typical school year calendar.  Happy Homeschooling!

NOTE: I originally posted pics for each product but Blogpost refused to let me publish it.  It was way too slow. Maybe in the future i'll update with pictures.

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