Saturday, August 20, 2011

Book List for God's Design for Heaven and Earth

This year we are trying out Answer in Genesis' Science series God's Design for Heaven and Earth.  It's for K-8th grade and here are 3 books in this series:
God's Design for Heaven and Earth.  Our Universe.  Our Planet Earth.  Our Weather and Water

I only have "Our Planet Earth" but I like what I see.  But teaching from a textbook alone is just not my style.  I love books and good literature.  So when I saw a member of the Well Trained Mind forums came up with a list of resources to go along with the already great science textbooks...... I just had to share.  Each link takes you to a PDF site.  There is one for each book.

There are a lot of great titles included on her list.  Not just books but DVDs and audio books.  There is something for all your little learners.  And all you need to do is hop on over to your local library and pick them up.  I wish all things were this easy.  

I take no credit for any part of this list.  I am only sharing with my fellow homeschool mamas so they can have the best possible science experience.

All the Answers in Genesis science textbooks can be purchased at and Rainbow Rescource Catalog  and be sure to check out their other great titles in the God's Design for Science series.

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